Events Diary

A diary of recent events and performances


Formation Parade, August, 2019. Royal Welsh band, and the Commanding Officer of the 3rd Battalion RW instructed the Corps of Drums Association to form and to begin practicing at the Hightown Barracks. The old 3rd Bn Corps of Drums is shown here at Caernarvon Castle, the model which we, at the Association's formation, set out to bring back to life.

Remembrance Parade, Novemeber, 2019

St David's Day Leek Parties, March, 2020 (various locations)

Tunes and Drum display at St Giles Parish Church, Wrexham, March, 2020

Performance at charity raising event, Hope, Wrexham, April, 2020

Drill Nights resume, August, 2020

Service of Remembrance duties, RWF Memorial, Wrexham, November, 2020


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