The Royal Welsh Corps of Drums Association was bestowed several side drumsm, cymbals, and a bass drum from the old 3rd Bn Corps of Drums platoon inventory. Along with this, B Flat flutes and some piccolos and an F Flat flute. All scarlets, busbies, and most of the other ancillary kit such as bugles had meanwhile been distributed to Cadet units around North Wales.

Founding members brought their own side drums from their personal collection.

Having no formal link to the Army, the Association has required individuals to pay for their own clothing. Repairs on old flutes, side drums, and requisition of bugles had to be covered from the pockets of the members. However, a modest funding campaign was set up, asking for donations from the public. See the web-page for donations, below.

With these funds new B Flat Flutes, side drum skins, and bugles were purchased in September 2020; announcements of this news and thanks for donations have been posted on the Association Facebook page, as below. For all of this activity, the Association has been grateful, and wishes to show gratitude in the coming years by doing marching and static jobs in future years.

The Association is currently seeking to retrieve and purchase new Scarlet uniforms.

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