Royal Welsh Corps of Drums

The Royal Welsh Corps of Drums Association is dedicated to the practice and performance of military music and ceremonial duties. Our focus is on the production of music in the traditional style with flute, drums, and bugle.

Formed in 2019 at the Hightown Barracks in Wrexham, the Corps of Drums is composed of volunteers from the Reserves, former military services personnel, and civilian musicians; the Association was founded with the encouragement of the 3rd Bn Royal Welsh and the public in the area local to Wrexham.

The Association draws on a wide repertoire of music and employs footdrill, and military ceremonial usages received from the historic Welsh regiments with which it is affiliated.

The Royal Welsh Corps of Drums is available for bookings, and welcomes enquiries from musicians looking to join.

A display and selection of music at St Giles parish church, Wrexham, 2020.

Some video of our march through Wrexham for the 2022 Remembrance Parade, Wrexham, Sunday 13th November. Put together by Jason Powell.

Design Jason Powell, 2022.